The Patriot Voice

Mark the Calendar: Religious Holidays at RHS

Lyba Khan |'16

December 4, 2015

Although the last day of school falls on June 16th, without any snow days, many might expect it to be some time in July because of the religious holidays added to the school calendar this year. However, there have only been four days off ...

All Politics Is Local: Political Awareness at RHS

November 5, 2015

With the 2016 Presidential race in full swing, campaign managers, news reporters, and political scientists are fully knowledgeable on current events. But just how much do students at RHS know about the presidential race? There...

School Security Moves Forward

Samantha Karl |'16

October 4, 2015

For decades, school shootings have struck terror across the nation. In Oregon on October 1, 2015, a mass murder occurred at the Umpqua Community College campus near Roseburg, Oregon. Christopher Harper-Mercer, the shooter, was...

180 Days: Advice to Freshmen from Your Class of 2016

Meloee Nazaire |'16

October 4, 2015

Middle School is over. Summer was great and the boy you kissed on the last day of school is unfortunately not your soulmate. You’re with the big boys and big girls now. Welcome to High School. Prepare yourself for sleepless nights...