Patriots Win at Thanksgiving Day Game

Taylor Giuffre-Catalano, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings people together. This year, like many years in the past, the typical Revere High student was bundled under layers of clothing and blankets, perched in the stands of the Harry Della Russo stadium, watching football. The Thanksgiving day game has become a staple of unity within the community, and the annual showdown between arch rivals Revere and Winthrop has always proven to be exciting.

The Revere Patriots toppled the competition, the Winthrop Vikings, 14-7, during this very game. The Patriots were off to the races right from the first quarter, when Senior Captain Anthony DeStefano found his way into the Winthrop end zone, with Sophomore Badr Haou kicking the extra point.

Although the Vikings scored a sole touchdown in the second quarter, Destefano was back at it again, and fought for another touchdown. Haou’s kick made it through the uprights once more, setting the score to a solid 14-7 lead. The Patriots defense was then able to hold Winthrop scoreless for two more quarters of game play, and secured the victory for the team.

Captain DeStefano was ecstatic after the triumphant victory. “Winning felt great,” he explained, “a lot of guys on the team really wanted that one and it showed.” He noted how the team entered the season 0-4, but was able to win the last 5 out of 6 games, so Thanksgiving meant “everything.” He stated, “It was the difference between a winning and losing season.” His favorite part of the game was the “handshake line at the end.”

DeStefano also went out to thank one of the coaches: “[This year] was Jose Escobar’s last year coaching. He played on the team for 4 years when he was in high school and this was his 9th and final season coaching.” He went on to explain, “We all went into the game with the idea that we were going to win for him.”