Mayor Invites AP Government and Politics class to City Hall on Election Night

Mayor Brian Arrigo went above and beyond on Tuesday, November 8th, when he invited forty-some Advanced Placement students from Revere High School into City Hall to watch the election coverage. The students, who are enrolled in the Advanced Placement Government and Politics classes, entered a crowded and excited atmosphere within the City Council chambers to watch the votes come in and discuss politics with their peers and city officials.

Ally Ciano, junior and outstanding student at Revere High, was very excited to be involved at this event. “Although every election is important, being able to participate in this election the way I was able to allowed for me to actually see what was really happening outside my school and city,” Ciano explained. She went on to note, “I know many students would’ve loved to be at tonight’s event, and would’ve loved to be able to express their opinions on the candidates, so being invited by the mayor was an honor.”

Robert Stoica, junior and hockey player at the high school, felt very “excited” and “honored” to be at the event. “I had a great time not only with my peers but with the staff at city hall. It meant a lot that Mayor Arrigo invited us,” Stoica noted. He added that he was happy he was able to “voice his opinion” and “hear his peers opinions” as well.

“There was a great atmosphere when I walked in,” explained Samantha Woodman, senior and well-known athlete at Revere High. “Everyone was discussing what their thoughts were in small groups. [They discussed] each of the candidates but were still being respectful of the other person’s views.” The debating went on throughout the night, with a variety of teachers and officials involving themselves in student-centered conversations.

Woodman explained how the excitement built up throughout the night. She recalled, “When each state had revealed what candidate they were supporting the room stopped. We all stared at the results either excited or hopeful that the state would vote for the candidate we liked.”