The Posse Scholarship: an Opportunity of a Lifetime

Samantha Harrington, Staff Writer

It’s spring of junior year and a lucky RHS student receives a letter in the mail from the Posse Foundation that informs her that she has been nominated for the Posse Foundation scholarship. In fall, she participates in a series of interviews, and after making it past two rounds, she is a Posse finalist. She is matched to one of six schools; these schools are in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky. If she is selected by one of these schools to be one of ten Posse Scholars, she will be awarded up to $200,000 to pay for her college education.  

Currently, five RHS seniors, Ralph Corbelle, Samantha Harrington, Gianni Hill, Samantha Karl, and Lani Stevens, have been selected as Posse finalists. During the next month, the admission officers and deans of the designated universities will decide if these students will be awarded this life changing scholarship.

The Posse foundation offers a full-tuition scholarship to students of all backgrounds. The Posse Foundation seeks bright, motivated leaders that can offer a splash of diversity to college campuses across the nation. Each year, the Posse scholarship is offered to students at Revere High School that fit a specific criteria.

The foundation was created in 1989, when one student said, “I never would have dropped out of college if I had my posse with me.” This sparked the idea that students should attend college with a group of ten peers who would be their “Posse” for all four years. This group of students can support each other through the difficult transition from high school to college. These students act as a support system to one another, and they help each other thrive on campus.

The schools that are offered to Boston area students include: Bryn Mawr College, Bucknell University, Centre College, Denison University, Hamilton College, and Union College. These colleges are each ranked as top-50 liberal arts colleges in the nation. These schools value holistic educations, and they build a strong basis for future leaders. “I was selected for Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The distance is going to be tough, but I can’t turn down such a great opportunity” says Lani Stevens, a Posse finalist from Revere High School. Posse forces students out of their comfort zones; however, this only contributes to their learning experiences.

The foundation has attracted great attention over the last 27 years. Each year there are massive donations to cultivate the chosen scholars. President Obama donated a large portion of the Nobel Peace Prize reward that he received to the Posse Foundation. President Obama acknowledged the “extraordinary work” and great achievement by Posse in the cultivation of leaders.