Senior Stressor: The Road to Higher Education

Samantha Karl, Staff Writer

As seniors at RHS approach their final months as Revere Patriots, they experience a significant bustle to answer the question – What do I want to do with my life? The answer to this inquiry for many seniors here is simple– College. With multiple deadlines, essays to write, recommendations to find, and financial aid to apply for, it is easy to get lost in the mix of it all.

Most seniors began their college search as underclassmen, but fall of senior year is time to solidify any lingering ideas and questions about the college application process. “It is just so stressful,” declares senior, Hana Aduelohab, an aspiring Pre-Law major, on how she sees the application process affecting her and her peers.

With all different types of students with diverse interests, RHS has students seeking different experiences after graduation.  Current seniors are looking into state schools, private universities, community colleges, Ivy League schools, art schools, technical schools and more. However, most of those students would agree that getting into college is not an easy task and it requires a lot of focus and attention.

“It is difficult even for art students,” says Tess Anderson, an aspiring photojournalism major with her eye on Lesley University.  “Creating my portfolio has been the more nerve wracking part,” admits Tess.

No matter where a student wants to attend post-secondary education, deadlines need to be met and requirements need to be fulfilled to successfully complete the application process.  “My guidance counselor emails me and we talk a lot about my future plans,” says Carmen Amaro, a senior looking into Bunker Hill Community College to study clinical Psychology. She is currently browsing “websites and exploring the options of classes” offered by community colleges. Community college is a smart choice for multiple students at RHS who wish to save money or raise their grades before they transfer to a state or private four-year institution.

No matter the path seniors decide to follow, they will have applications to fill out and deadlines to adhere to before they graduate in June.  The earlier seniors solidify their plans, the more relaxing senior year will be for all.

Senior Survival Check-List

Important Websites (Use personal email, not school email)


Application Process:

  • Seniors must determine which schools they can apply to via Common App and which schools must be applied to directly via the institutions’ websites
  • Plan, draft and revise the college essay (650 words maximum word limit on Common App)
  • Get fee waivers from guidance (if necessary)
  • Keep in touch with guidance counselor (make appointments via email)
  • Research each school’s website and read each school’s specific requirements for admission to each individual school


  • Guidance Counselor
  • Two Teachers

Scores/Testing to send via

  • SAT and/or ACT scores
  • AP Exams (if applicable)
  • SAT Subject Tests (if applicable)

Financial Aid:

  • CSS Profile (only for specific schools)