The Esports Club – What Is It?

The Esports Club - What Is It?

Carolina Martinez

Electronic sports, known as eSports Club, are video games that people play competitively. At RHS, we have an eSports Club, which is a club where students gather to play video games in a comfortable environment every Thursday in room 129.

Founders, Man Nguyen and Adrian Boodoosingh, wanted a club where students could discuss and play their favorite eSports games such as, Counter-Strike and League of Legends, with others instead of just playing at home.

Adrian Boodoosingh explains that eSports members might be students “typically labeled as antisocial or nerds and geeks,” and he wanted to break that stereotype at RHS.

Nguyen and Boodoosingh, along with three other students, Jorge Garcia, Othman Farmi,  and Sammy Ouansa, competed in a national league. The top prize was $35,000 and a trip to Los Angeles. These students felt like “it was kinda selfish” that they were “the only persons that were able to have that experience and that opportunity.”  Therefore, their invented the idea of an eSports club.  

The process to initiate the club was to write a proposal. The proposal had to say how the club relates to the school and how it would be different from hanging out with friends after school. They also had to find a teacher advisor that would be a moderator and help with fundraisers.

Their advisor for the club is Mr. Windle. He agreed to be part of the club because he enjoys playing video games as well.

When the club first started, Boodoosingh and Nguyen thought it would be a small group of students but it ballooned into a surprisingly large group. The eSports club currently has 54 registered members.

During the meeting time, members typically play video games, discuss how to improve when playing competitively, and plan fundraisers.

The fundraisers are usually hosted to buy video games and equipment or to be able to sponsor students when they compete with other schools.

Students who have competed nationally were able to bring RHS to the top sixteen.

The overall environment of the eSports Club is relaxed. “Everyone kind of gets into their own sections and does whatever they want to do” says Windle.

The Esports Club already offers a lot for gamers at RHS, but they have very optimistic goals for the future. The club would like to have actual coaches to teach students how to play the games and have shirts for everyone.