RHS JROTC Semi-Annual Red Cross Blood Drive Is a Success


Cadet David Rivas, Major Deborah Bowker and Sergeant Major Robert Callendar

The Red Cross had tasked the RHS JROTC with assisting in running the Semi-Annual Red Cross Blood Drive. On Friday, September 30,2016, the RHS JROTC conducted their mission in assisting with student and teacher blood donations by assigning cadets to work in three areas – rapid-pass sign ups where donors answered a short survey, registration, and a managing the canteen, where cadets guided donors to a rest stop after giving blood.           blood-drive-1

The goal of the Red Cross blood drive is to collect pints of blood from volunteers throughout the RHS student body and faculty alike. From the day the Red Cross tasked the Patriots Battalion with the mission, cadets began planning. In order to execute the blood drive, the battalion divided cadets into two teams, the pre-planning team and recruitment team, each with their own goals. During September, cadets in the pre-planning team began to put up posters about the event throughout the school. The posters included the date, time and purpose of the event. Additionally the planning team met with the Red Cross representative Kerry Valery to organize the event location, resources, and strengths in terms of the number of cadets and faculty available. At the same time, the recruitment team sought volunteers at sign-up booths in the cafeteria where potential donors filled out a Google Form created by the cadets for the blood drive.

On the day of the Red Cross Blood Drive, each company, one per block of the JROTC class executed the event.  Each company was split into the different teams.  One team managed the rapid pass sign-up station where cadets had donors fill out a Red Cross survey, and then donors would move to a “runner” who would act as a guide for the donor and bring him or her to the school gym where the blood drive was taking place. Next, the donors were lead to another team of cadets who worked at the registration booth where donors were checked in for their appointment.  After a donor’s blood had been drawn, he or she would proceed to the “canteen” area where cadets provided the donors with snacks and monitored donors for any signs of lightheadedness or nausea. Finally a tear-down of the operation took place at the end of the day and the data was cataloged.  The data revealed that this mission was the first Patriot Battalions mission where they had met the set goal of thirty three pints of blood from donors for the Red Cross. For those students who missed out, a second blood drive is scheduled for May 6, 2017.