SeaCoast: An Alternative Pathway to High School Success

Samantha Karl, Staff Writer

Revere, MA— SeaCoast High School is an alternative high school, grades 9 through 12, for at-risk teenagers to obtain a diploma. Located in the Beachmont Veterans Memorial School, SeaCoast students generally attend the school because it focuses on meeting students’ social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs on a more focused level. SeaCoast stands out in the Revere school community because it accommodates students that may not follow the traditional four-year pathway to graduation and helps students follow a path where they are more likely to succeed.

According to official website, the mission of SeaCoast is to “prepare students to pass MCAS, graduate, pursue a higher education or enter the workforce.” They support students who are in danger of dropping out of school and offer a variety of pathways for students to be in charge of their own learning.

SeaCoast is a separately run institution that has a “comprehensive curriculum” and programs like technical training, work studies, and college preparation programs. Weaved into these programs is flexibility that makes it easier for students to get the help they need and succeed in their courses.

With their own administration and faculty, the students at SeaCoast are provided with a lot of one-on-one and group assistance in the classroom. Brandon Marchetti, a junior at SeaCoast, declares that SeaCoast handles schooling correctly and effectively because he’s seen the successes of students who graduated and came back to visit. There are many programs for anyone and everyone to succeed, says Marchetti.

According to Marchetti, some of these programs include “community service and a new computer-based class called Apex Learning.” Apex is is a program SeaCoast offers for students to receive credits for failed classes.

Students, parents, teachers and faculty work together to create a plan for students who attend SeaCoast to ensure their future success. This positive perception of SeaCoast may not be known the Revere community.

“From my knowledge, most of the students at SeaCoast are very well behaved” explains Marchetti. “Seacoast is given a bad name, and it shouldn’t.” He then adds that he knows of many students, including himself, who took a liking to school after attending SeaCoast.

SeaCoast Students Standing Outside the School
SeaCoast Students Standing Outside the School

Often, people view SeaCoast as a place for “misbehaved kids,” but the school administrators and teachers’ effective means of keeping a safe and controlled environment prove differently. By using write-ups and behavior points as a means of maintaining order, SeaCoast is not much different from any traditional high school. A write-up takes points off the given 100 behavioral points a week. Ways to get write ups at SeaCoast include talking back to a teacher, using technology when it is not permitted, and even absences.

SeaCoast is more than a school where non-traditional students attend, student who may not succeed at RHS attend. It is a place where everyone can go to complete their education. Their opportunities even reach beyond the traditional high school student. They offer an “Adult Diploma,” where students that are 18 years or older can get a diploma with lessened requirements.