Revere’s Girls Basketball Makes History


Eduardo Viera |'16

The “game” in sports isn’t always played on the gridiron, on the diamond, or in this case, on the court. It is also played before and after the event outside the arena. A play not on moves, but on mental and physical prowess that must always be active. For many athletes this goes beyond being a matter of mental and physical fortitude, but rather in a test of bonds and friendships between the players. For even fewer athletes this means no longer becoming a team, but being a family.


This is the case for the Revere Girls’ Basketball Team (RGBT) who, in a span of three-and-a-half months, made history by being the first RGBT in the history of Revere High School to play in the Division 1 North finals against Woburn High School. The fact that a team of only 11 players achieved this adds to the significance of their season.


Setting records isn’t an easy endeavor for any team. It takes a combination of determination, grit, and resilience to achieve victory. But it takes more to make history and set precedents for future teams.


When asked about their relationship with each other outside of basketball, senior and team co-captain Natasha Iacoviello said, “We hang after school, during school. We hang out on the basketball court and off. We’re a family. We see each other basically 24/7.”


Senior and team co-captain Ally Hinojosa added, “Our team is a second family.  We work hard to improve and play for each other on the court.”


Team coach Diana Finn summed up this unforgettable season with a tribute to her team.

“I’m proud of how our team came together this year to compete at a high level.  We played hard every game and practiced even harder to prepare for games.  Watching a group of players come together as a team like this group did is amazing for a coach.  Our seniors led on and off the court as students and players.  They set goals and action steps to make the goals a reality.  The underclassmen on the team made huge contributions to our success as well.  Although we’re a fairly small team with only eleven players, their team chemistry and intensity every single day made the difference in our season.  The winning is nice but it’s the hard work before the games that make the winning happen and makes the season meaningful to us all.”