Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Rack Up Wins on Super Tuesday

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Rack Up Wins on Super Tuesday

Catherine Monroy |'16

This Week in Politics

Last night, Trump(R) and Clinton(D) each won seven states out of the eleven total that took to the polls. This day in the primary election is known as “Super Tuesday,” where several states, including Massachusetts, open voting in the presidential primary.

Both candidates won the Bay State, Trump by a landslide and Clinton by a slim margin against rival Bernie Sanders(D).

As the primaries continue to take place, Clinton and Sanders show no signs of backing down. Sanders is well-known among his followers for his talks of a “political revolution,” and he will not stop until that is accomplished.

However on the Republican side, voters are starting to see a trend — Trump is the frontrunner. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are next in line, but are on the outside looking in. Still alive in the Republican race is John Kasich, but with little support in many parts of the country.

A common theme has emerged in the campaigns of Trump and Sanders, which is different from any other campaigns in recent history; both believe they are calling for a revolution that will change America.

This brutal and indecisive race will come to its climax once we see two candidates vying for the Oval Office, but will come to a resolution when only one left is standing with his or her hand raised on Inauguration Day.