Do You Want To Get A Headstart On Your Career? Try an Internship.

Alexandra Martinez, Staff Writer

If you’re interested in branching out of the normal school day and gaining real world experience, you are in luck. RHS offers internship programs that can get you the specific experience you are looking for. 

I participated in a paid internship over the summer with Ms. Lecesse and Ms. Rogers at Whelan Elementary where I assisted the teachers on helping the students complete their summer work. Even though I don’t plan on becoming a teacher, this opportunity gave me the chance to build connections with the students and help them deepen their understanding of class content. This was something my coworkers and I really enjoyed doing.   

The possibilities for what you can participate in are endless. The program really lets students branch out and discover what makes them comfortable and successful in what they want to achieve . 

Juniors and seniors are both welcome to apply for internship programs, however, only seniors are allowed outside of the building. Juniors can participate in internships that take place within the RHS building.

Seniors who are interning outside of the building, have been placed in an array of settings. There are seniors assisting in Happy Day Preschool and Imagination Station Daycare. Others are working with nurses and secretaries at Everett Hospital. Some are helping in the Revere Library. There are two students who are in charge of social media accounts at two different companies. While there are more students who are interning with teachers in other school buildings. 

RHS also offers the option of crafting your own internship where you meet with Ms. Walsh and speak about what you’re interested in to see what options are available to you. 

Internships really give students the opportunity to expand their learning on careers they want to pursue, get experience in real world circumstances, build connections with people and learn how to network. (And they look great on college applications!!)

Most of the internships take place during third and fourth period.

Although internships are counted as a school credit not all internships are paid.  Most paid internships are funded by the grant program for teachers K-8 or from leftover funds from the summer internships. 

Even if you aren’t eligible for these internships, you can participate in similar ones throughout the summer that will give you the same benefits as the ones previously mentioned!

The internships can really give you an advantage not only for college, but also for yourself. It helped me with my social skills, got  me more comfortable in a work environment, allowed me to meet new people and the made me realize that there are so many opportunities around me.