Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Acosta


Kyle Phillips, Staff Writer

Mr. Acosta is a physics teacher here at RHS. He’s been teaching here for four years. He is a UMass Boston graduate with a degree in physics. Mr. Acosta enjoys video games and card games like “Magic The Gathering.” He also plans to pursue his master’s of education in the future. 

Becoming a teacher

High school was a challenge for Mr. Acosta. At fourteen years old, Mr. Acosta moved from Uruguay and enrolled at Winthrop High School. Because English was his second language, school was challenging. His first experience with physics was also difficult.

 “Freshman year of high school is when I first saw physics, I was very confused by it. One time a project made me lost and since I was learning English, that didn’t help”

Luckily, he still kept interest in the subject and wanted to continue doing things that involved physics. He wanted to teach physics so that he could show students how enjoyable it can be. 

Life Before and After RHS

Mr. Acosta taught various different grade levels and ages of kids,ranging from elementary school to high school, He enjoys teaching younger students more because of the curiosity they have.

Mr. Acosta came to our school because he enjoys the diversity here with students in all different backgrounds. Mr. Acosta can connect with students easily, especially because he can speak Spanish with many students. 

“I like the student population and how different everyone is. I also want students to see that there is a scientist who looks like them or comes from a similar background” 

In addition to teaching regular physics, he teaches “Sheltered Physics” which is a Physics class for students who are currently learning English.

“Even though I wanted to teach English learner students,I didn’t ask for it. I was just given the opportunity to work with them which I am thankful for”

“Freshman and sophomores should be ready to engage in a lot of new things and critically think,Maybe even take on the challenge of AP Physics”

Mr. Acosta would like to continue at RHS because he’s comfortable here, “I’d be a lot happier if the pay was higher”