Thinking About Joining a Club at RHS? Model UN Could Be a Great Fit For You!


Khadijah Turay, Staff Writer

As the school year begins, you may be wondering how to mingle and get to know your peers, especially the freshmen. You may also be thinking that easiest way you to do so would be to join a school activity but you don’t know the  right club you should join. 

Well, there is good news for those of you who are into problem solving and foreign relations. That is because the Model UN Club is likely the best fit for you.

The Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN) club is when students take on the role of diplomats from different countries in the world. Acting like diplomats, students come up with solutions for real world problems.

MUN is a club that helps build very important life skills. The club boosts students’ professionalism as well as their abilities to research and communicate with others. 

Before the club goes to conferences, they do some research in school and then a few times a year, they go to conferences which mostly take place at local universities. At these conferences,  students represent other countries. The goal is to try to represent different countries’ points of view and have negotiations in the same way they do in the United Nations. Students also write resolutions that address real world problems. How cool is this-sitting among different people in the world and getting to discourse on the problems the world is facing! 

Joining the Model UN club is so easy. There are no application forms for you or your parent to fill out. All you have to do is show up to a meeting. Current members will welcome you and catch you up. They will guide you along the way and give you some tips about how to do research, how you should think about negotiation strategies and how to make short speeches. Meetings typically take place every Thursday in room 114 at 2:30

MUN advisor, Mr. Fellowes is very enthusiastic about the ways in which the club can benefits students. According to Fellowes, the club appeals to those “interested in current events or making the world a better place.” Additionally, the club can benefit students who are “ interested in potentially a career in law or diplomacy.” 

If Model UN doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, Mr. Fellowes still has advic for all students.  “Don’t hesitate to join things, try them out and see if they are for you, see if you like them, rather than just not joining anything. School is not just about classes it is also about finding what is right for you and maybe a group of people you felt comfortable with.” So go join the MUN club or any other extracurriculars. It will be worth it. 

For more information about the Model UN club, you can email Mr. Fellowes at [email protected] or pay him a visit in room 114.