Get Ready to Mask Up RHS or Not?

Get Ready to Mask Up RHS or Not?

Anthony Boyd, Staff Writer

Mask up or not, it’s your decision! Recently, the Revere School Committee officially voted on dropping the mask mandate in Revere Public Schools.  The no mask mandate in schools in Revere will be in place on March 14th 2022. Among RPS community members, the primary concerns seem to be around how this will impact students and Covid cases in Revere.

Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees, there is no denying that this will be a major change for students.

School Committee Member John Kingston hopes that the no mask mandate on March 14th in Revere schools will try to be seen as a positive sign of life for the Revere school community.

“I think it will affect everyone as masks have been worn for close to two years. I think it is a big change for younger students who have never been to school without masks,” said Kingston.

Kingston’s big part is to make sure that the students, faculty, and teachers are all in a safe standing when this no mask mandate comes into effect.

He thinks that returning to normal will be a great thing for RHS and just the whole school community.

Kingston proudly supports that schools will still be safe and that communication will be easier and that the students will feel more at ease on March 14th. Also, he thinks there will be a big positive change in our schools.

Students are hoping for the best when this no mask mandate goes into effect including Senior Anthony Cutler. He hopes that cases will keep going down and that if anyone is dealing with Covid he hopes everyone the best and to have a speedy recovery.

Anthony thinks that our school will not be harmed or even harshly affected in any way and that school will pretty much remain the same in where Covid cases will either go up or down.

Revere has experienced a lot of Covid cases during this school year and even Cutler attested that he has already had Covid and has been there and done that.

“I’m not afraid of it, especially when we have it and it’s something we are all going to get at one point,”  he said.

Cutler predicts that the students will be affected the most when the no mask mandate is in place. Also, with that they would be the most fearful due to the fact that they are the ones who are getting pushed to get vaccinated while teachers are the ones who are mainly vaccinated.

There are also teachers in our school community who have deep thoughts and believe that this no mask mandate will affect them.


“”I believe that a great number of teachers and some students are still going to wear a mask,” said History Teacher Mr. Vasconcelos.

Vasconcelos thinks the most important thing at the moment is that students are not wearing their masks, wearing them properly, or even wearing the correct mask.

“N95 masks are the masks that people should start wearing,” said Vasconcelos.

There are many pros and cons to a mask mandate especially when it comes to school but Vasconcelos mentions that it is uncomfortable wearing a mask and it can make it more difficult to breathe.

“I believe that the schools in Revere will be less safe, but as long as people use common sense then it will hopefully not be as bad as what some may think,” said Mr Vasconcelos.

Mr. Vasconcelos also mentioned that his prediction is that this no mask mandate on March 14th will affect the teachers the most and that less students will be wearing their masks.

“More teachers are going to be wearing the mask. According to the union survey 50 – 60% of teachers will still be wearing masks,” he said. 

The timing of the school committee’s decision is also on people’s mind including the decision from Governor Baker on February 9th.

“ I hope it will be seen as a positive sign of life being more normal,” Kingston said.

School Committee Member Kingston believes that it was the right move to end masks at this time. Also, the number of vaccinated people are growing and the number of Covid cases are going down.

The main thing is that many don’t know what to expect when this day comes but Kingston has a theory in where it will benefit everyone.

Cutler believes that it was the right call from Governor Baker and that it should have been done sooner in cases where cases have just been going up and done.

He also mentioned that with this decision and no mask mandate coming into place is the right decision and hopes that students and others don’t antagonize each other over who is wearing a mask and who isn’t.

Vasconcelos added that when this no mask mandate is in place he would suggest others to keep wearing their masks but if you already had Covid then it doesn’t really make much sense to wear the mask.

Many believe that it is too early for us to go into this no mask mandate in school in which Vasconeloes thinks that we should have continued the mask mandate until the end of the school year and especially trying to keep our school as safe as possible during this time.

Vasconcelos also wants students and teachers who are not feeling well to stay at home. 

He suggested that students and teachers sign up for the testing program that is offered through the school – especially if someone has not had Covid and they are deciding to not wear a mask.

It’s important to keep in mind that school members still have the freedom to wear masks. Many intend on doing just that. 

“Some may want to wear their masks. I have diabetes and my doctor suggested that I wear a mask in large groups indoors such as grocery shopping or at a mall,” Kingston stated.

John Kingston is everywhere in the City of Revere where he works at City Hall, member of the Revere School Committee, and even comes to visit the Revere schools in which he always wears his masks in these locations.

“I work at City Hall and have been wearing a mask at work for almost two years. I admire the students for doing their best to comply with the mask mandate and look forward to seeing people’s faces again,” said Kingston excitedly.

History teacher Mr. Vasconcelos has made his decision where he will be wearing his mask due to that he has not yet to have had Covid but if he did and recovered then its a different story.

“I believe that Covid will keep going. I have not had Covid yet and I am comfortable with wearing the mask,” said Vasconcelos.

There are also some other strains of viruses going around in which is making teachers wear the mask still even during the no mandate.

Vasconcelos thinks that there are still going to be some variants and that we will always have the flu around us even with this no mask mandate in place.

Still, there are those who will be maskless starting March 14th.

Senior Anthony Cutler will not be wearing his mask when there isn’t a mandate in place on March 14th.

“I’m personally not going to wear one, it doesnt change my opinion on anyone. If you wear a mask or not, this is America we can do what we want,” said Cutler.

Cutler has strong thoughts on masks and believes that it all comes down to the person’s comfort regarding wearing a mask and especially their opinion.

On March 14th, there should be no judging people for their decision on wearing the mask or not, everyone will have their own personal choice.

School Committee member Kingston believes that it is totally up to the person whether they want to wear the mask or not during March 14th but it’s a personal choice and it’s up to the individual.

“I do want everyone to respect people who want to wear their masks because some people may feel the need to continue to wear them,” Kingston said.

He wants just everyone to respect others’ decisions about their decision on wearing the mask or not. Also, Kingston wanted others to know that if you are not feeling well then go get tested and do the right thing along with quearanting for 5 days if you test positive.

Cutler believes that many have their thoughts on whether masks are effective or not but everyone will have their own opinion.

“I just want to preface that one’s views on Covid mitigation should not indicate their political views,” said 12th grader Anthony Cutler.

Vasconcelos believes that there will be more freedom in where you will not have everyone in the building wearing it.

Also, he thinks that everyone should accept everyone’s decision and just don’t take it personally.

There are many thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the upcoming mask mandate in Revere on March 14th but at the end of the day RHS, “Everyone makes their own decisions”.