The Pros & Cons Of Social Media


Angela Cene, Student Writer

It’s 2021 and social media is the most advanced it has ever been. With that being said social media has changed over the years and with that comes pros and cons. Below I have created a list of pros and cons made by RHS members and what they think about social media. 



  • Helps people keep in touch with the world: There are many apps created to communicate with people from countries around the globe. Many of these apps are free and you’re able to video chat, voice call and send messages. 
  • Helps communities and businesses grow: During the pandemic many people opened up small businesses and posted about it on social media. Since we were all at home and stuck on our phones we were exposed to all of these new businesses. Communities also help spread awareness on what’s going on, as these groups grow more people are involved. 
  • Resourceful: Social media is a source for world wide issues, things going on and where to seek help. For example, with the issues happening in Palestine people are able to educate themselves on these issues. Social media also spreads important information such as job opportunities that are available out there. 
  • Stay connected with family and friends: Besides all the groups and communities we are able to join, we also are able to stay connected with our family and friends. Especially since we have loved ones far from us we are able to stay in contact with them. 
  • Everything is optional; you can leave anytime: In general no one is forcing us to participate in social media and we always have the option of deactivating our accounts and to take breaks temporarily or leave permanently. 
  • You can interact with millions of people and make friends: Aside from communicating with the friends you have you can always make new ones that share similar issues with you on the internet. This is great when forming connections and having someone you can contact that is not necessarily close by. 
  • Gives people platforms: A lot of people nowadays go viral on social media and this changes peoples lives and future. Giving people platforms gives them more opportunities to benefit whatever their social media accounts are advocating for. 
  • Entertainment: Social media is not only about spreading important information but it contains a lot of entertainment as well. Such as TikTok and Instagram reels where you can scroll for hours on videos that interest you.  


  • It is affecting upcoming generations: Many young children are glued to their phones, making it harder for them to make friends. A lot of them are already insecure because they don’t look like the people they see on social media. 
  • Many find social media a toxic place: Social media has become a very negative place and has changed from what it used to be. People were able to step away from reality and go onto social media. Now people may be afraid to be their true selves.
  • Gives the wrong people power at times: Although giving out platforms can benefit people, many of these times fame and power is given out to the wrong people. Those people take advantage of their fans and use their base for the wrong reasons. 
  • Fake expectations: Social media has normalized a lot of fake expectations. By fake expectations I mean looking a certain way that is unattainable for us. People are expected to fulfill what social media has set for us. 
  • Competition: There is a competition for likes, views and followers between influencers. Social media has become a place where influencers post just so they reach certain goals not because they generally care about their fan bases. 
  • Unhealthy beauty standards: Going off of the fake expectations set for us, there are unhealthy beauty standards that only filters, surgery and fillers can make us look like. Social media has normalized a certain look that is not how people actually look like. This causes people to go to unhealthy extents to look this way. Fitness standards as well, we see a bunch of diets and workouts that are not made for everyone. 
  • Drama: Whenever we log onto social media we see people fighting with each other and starting drama. This creates hate between certain groups of people because fans will support the person they like most. This causes drama between fan bases as well where people go to extreme lengths just to back up their “idols.” 
  • Addictive: We’re all addicted to our phones and social media which causes us to be unmotivated. This causes us to not want to do anything but spend hours scrolling through photos and videos. This creates unhealthy routines and habits for us. 
  • Causes people to disconnect in person: This past year we used social media to communicate and connect with people. Going back to normal people struggle actually communicating with each other and holding conversations. 
  • Bullying: Besides receiving rude messages from people on the internet just looking at the comments on people’s posts is very negative. Looking at the comments people make on those who might look like you can affect you as well.