What We Know So Far About The RHS Hybrid Schedule


Joe Dimino

The majority of Revere students will finally be given the option to attend in-person classes starting on March 22nd. Depending on the student’s grade and cohort, they will start in-person learning somewhere between March 22nd and April 5th. With the new hybrid schedule comes a lot of changes, and the new hybrid schedule is interesting… to say the least.


Changes to the original schedule include classes starting at 7:50am. Students will finish all four classes in school, then have an hour long lunch break at 12:25pm, where students will be given the time to go back home and eat lunch before attending virtual Advisory and a virtual flex block. In a normal year, the school day would end at 2:20pm, but in this hybrid schedule the day ends 20 minutes later at 2:40pm. Flex blocks are now mandatory at the end of the day, which means every student will have at least one class twice per day due to state regulations regarding how many hours of school students are required to attend. The schedule also features “off-weeks.” These “off-weeks” are essentially virtual classes on a much shorter schedule. A student could have as little as a single class per day during these “off-weeks.” At the moment, there’s a belief that these off-weeks were added because some parents believe that their kids are spending too much time in front of a screen due to virtual learning.


Students will still be given the option to opt-out of in-person classes and allowed to remain completely virtual for any reason. There is no requirement for going back to in-person classes and the option to go back is for students who believe they’ll benefit from being in-person as opposed to fully remote. Ultimately parents need to make the decision for their kids, even if they’re 18, as surveys regarding choices were sent out to parents as opposed to students. Students will not be allowed to make the decision to switch between virtual and in-person classes without parental permission.


Reactions among the student body thus far have been mixed. Some are excited to have the option to go back, while other reactions range from indifference to being completely against it. Some students worry about the potential risks of going back to school in person, citing the risk of exposure to COVID. Due to these risks, there are students who are having a difficult time deciding whether they want to test going back to school in-person or just stay remote for the rest of the year. Other students believe that going back in-person may help them, as they will no longer need to worry about younger siblings who will presumably also be back in school in some type of hybrid model.


At the moment, the potential turnout for in-person learning is unclear. Some teachers have noticed that their in-person classes may end up having five students or less in attendance, while the rest remain virtual. It’s worth noting that Revere High students participated in school committee meetings, citing the need to go back in-person, so it’s very possible that some teachers will have a higher volume of students than others. It’s believed that remaining virtual will involve a lot more of an independent workload, given that students who choose to remain virtual won’t be attending every class everyday.


Something for students to note about returning to school is that it won’t be like a normal school day before last year. Strict social distancing will be enforced and masks will be required. You likely won’t be able to walk around the school and talk with friends, or hang around in groups. Returning to school will not be as fun or exciting as some students may want.


There are still moving pieces in regards to students returning to school, some things are likely to change over time and new information will be released publicly. Students and parents should continue checking their emails regularly, as Dr. Rockwood notes “I will be sending more information over the next several days so keep checking email regularly! There will also be messages from Dr. Perella and from the Superintendent’s Office. Let your parents/guardians know to check their messages daily for any updates too.” Given how new this hybrid schedule is, it may be safer to expect more updates as time goes on, even when students are back in school.


The full RHS Hybrid schedule can be found here.