11 Tips To Self Care At Home During A Pandemic


Angela Cene

These tips were compiled using the responses of a survey taken by different age groups and lifestyles. Find the ones best to take care of yourself!
  1. Create a Routine and Plan Out Your Day
    Write out your goals for the day in a journal or calendar like reminders for any homework or tests coming up. This keeps you organized throughout the day. When you know what needs to be done, you feel less stressed
  2. Connect with Friends and Family While Spreading Kindness
    This pandemic has been hard for everyone; make sure to check up on the ones around you and offer support with kind messages or phone calls. Although a message might not seem like a lot, human interaction is a huge issue right now and could definitely brighten someone’s day.
  3. Take Breaks and Step Away From Social Media and The News
    Take this time to go outside for a walk or workout. Social media and the news can stress you out. News such as Covid-19 cases and particular news events can worsen your stress. It’s important to stay connected but you should also take a break.
  4. Relax with Meditation and Prayer
    Making time just to relax and step away from your bubble to meditate and pray can give you a refreshing feeling to continue with your day.
  5. Express What is Going on in Your Life
    Talking about your worries or even writing them on paper can let out the stress and what is on your mind. It is also great remembering the good things happening.
  6. Continue with Your Favorite Hobbies While Taking COVID- 19 Precautions
    Being stuck at home does not mean you can’t continue with your hobbies instead continue while wearing a mask, social distancing, and making sure you’re not putting yourself at risk for catching the virus. You can also use this as an opportunity to find new hobbies you like or ones you didn’t have time for.
  7. Learn New Things
    Being at home could give you time to expand and work on your talents. Reading, writing, and drawing are examples of how to learn new things.
  8. Make Your Room a Safe Place
    You spend the majority of your time in your room make it a place you want to be in! Keeping your room clean and organized is going to help you in doing so.
  9. Make Yourself Feel Better By Doing Your Hair, Makeup, and Skincare
    Just because you are at home does not mean you can’t dress up and make yourself feel and look good. By getting ready and taking care of your hygiene will boost your confidence even more.
  10. Take Care Of Your Body By Getting Sleep, Taking Vitamins, Hydrating, and Eating Nourished Foods
    Taking care of your outer appearance isn’t the only way you should take care of yourself. You should also make sure to lead a generally healthy life, especially during a pandemic.
  11. Listen to Music, Podcasts and Youtube Videos That Bring Positive Energy
    There are a lot of artists, journalists, and YouTubers who post positive content and bring good energy when watching or listening to them. Even if you’re just doing chores in your house having background music or podcasts can keep you motivated.