Patriot of the Month: Meryem Charty


Nancy Barile

Meryem is doing her junior year at Revere High School. She only came to this country a year and a half ago from Morocco to seek a better education and life. Meryem was 16 years old when she arrived with her parents, and she began living with her uncle in Haverhill, while her parents looked for jobs in the North Shore area.. She began school at Haverhill as a sophomore. Meryem studied English in Morocco, and she took a test in English at Haverhill High School, which determined that she did not need English Language Learner classes, so she was placed in regular classes. She told me about how difficult it was at first: “Everyone spoke very fast. I remember my first class of history. I didn’t understand a word. I wished there were subtitles under the teacher’s mouth hahaha.” Initially, Meryem struggled with all her studies, but she worked diligently, and she quickly began earning As and Bs for her work. 

When Meryem’s parents found an apartment in Revere, she moved in with them and began going to school at Revere High School. Meryem currently lives in Beachmont, and she loves the ocean. She likes her street, which is calm and quiet.

Meryem took my Digesting the Walking Dead class as an elective. She was unfamiliar with the show, and she needed to get used to my way of teaching. In 2 weeks, she quickly went from a C student, who struggled with some English conventions, to an A student. This leap is a result of Meryem’s endless hard work, her attention to feedback, and her willingness to do what is necessary to achieve and achieve at the highest level. 

Next, Meryem began joining clubs at RHS. She joined Culture Club in order to give back to the Revere community. She now volunteers with Culture Club regularly at the Revere Food Bank. Meryem also joined the Unicef Club, the Self-Care Club, the Future Health Care Leaders Club. She began volunteering at Jewish Vocational Services, a workforce development organization. In exchange for translating and teaching members technology skills, Meryem receives job training. 

Meryem loves her classes at Revere High. Besides my class, she’s currently studying Spanish, History, and Algebra. When she graduates, Meryem would like to study nutrition. She recognizes the connection that nutrition plays in physical, mental, and emotional health, and she seeks to help others understand that role. 

I can only imagine how difficult it is to come to a new country and a brand new school. But Meryem makes it look easy. Her success is a testament to her resilience, organizational skills, time management, and work ethic. There’s no doubt in my mind that Meryem is going to do big things at Revere High and after she graduates, I look forward to watching her soar!