Thinking Twice about Using Social Media

Yessenia Arias & Bryana DiRoberto, Staff Writers

Do you ever wonder why self esteem is such a problem in our society? It’s partially because people compare themselves to others all over  social media. Social media has become such a bad place for teens. They usually spend their afternoons, weekends, or mornings mindlessly scrolling their feeds, looking for the next “relevant” influencer. As teens do this, social media becomes such a bad place for teens to spend their time. Eventually, this affects their mental health. 

There are many ways that social media can make one feel insecure, showing just one way it affect teens’ mental health. Social media can also make them feel like they do not fit in. Most people on social media compare themselves to others on social media because they are not “comfortable” with the way they look, or they are insecure about the way they look. 

Even adults deal with self esteem. We interviewed Ms. Storer to see what she would say about self esteem, and it seems like it is w

as big of a problem when she was in high school as it is now. Ms. Storer said that “Sometimes I do feel insecure because I cannot do the same things that others do. Even adults feel insecure sometimes.” This goes to show how many self esteem is something that we all deal with.

Social media is a cruel, unfair place. Teens cannot handle the anxiety, stress, and depression that they get from social media watching influencers and stars set the standard of behavior expectations.