The Struggles of Students Who Work

Jessie Correa, Staff Writer

Students have a lot more on their plate than it seems. With adult life right around the corner,  we are expected to mature in a short amount of time, while also having personal boundaries and responsibilities. This can sometimes have us feeling exhausted and unmotivated. A lot of students  have to go to work after spending seven hours in school. This can be very overwhelming at times. 

There are many reasons why a high school student would work. A lot of us have to work to help out at home due to financial issues, work to save up for college and many other personal reasons. A few students from Revere High school expressed the reasons that they work which include the following:  “ I work to pay bills”, “I work to help out at home”, and “I work to save up for college tuition.” Most students who work do it because they have to, rather than want to, but work can also be very challenging as a high school student. Some of the problems students who work might face are having to commute through public transportation, leaving work late, and being tired a lot. 

Working can really take a toll on your school and personal life. School itself already takes up so much of our day, having work on top of that leaves us with barely enough time to rest and get any school work done. Being able to balance out having to work, as well as studying,  is really challenging.  

One student notes that “Work has definitely affected my grades, and sometimes I get home past 12:00 a.m when I still have to wake up at 6:00 a.m for school”. As a student who also has to work for many reasons, I know just how hard it is to leave work really late, still have to take transportation back home ,and by the time you’re actually going to sleep, it’s nearly 2:00 a.m. It’s tough to get home late from work and still have to wake up early and be able to get school work done.

In 2018 alone the employment rate for high school students was 67%. Statistics show that students who work more than 20 hours a week tend to have a harder time keeping up with school work and having a healthy sleep schedule. Working can really impact students in many ways, it teaches us to be more independent as well as how to manage our money with is a very important skill in life. 

Not every student has the luxury of being able to focus solely on their studies. Having to work, do clubs after school, and take care of their siblings, are equally important as school, but it can really get in the way of that. Being able to balance out all of our responsibilities truly is overwhelming at times, but we still try our hardest.