Our Students on the School Pep Rally

pep rally clipart

Willy Arriaga, Staff Writer


The big question everyone has right now is ‘why do we have to for the pep rally in the first place?’ It seems that students in RHS don’t really like the high school tradition of the pep rally. It’s held on the days before we go into a Thanksgiving break and the day before we have our annual Thanksgiving rivalry football game against Winthrop. 


In the pep rally we do all sorts of things such as representing all our fall sports and show their success on the season. We also see a performance from the cheerleaders, have a live rock band too, and the most interesting one is the turkey toss. We also scream and shout to see what class is the best. Most students find this super fun and interesting because it shows school spirit and shows we can all have fun as a school. But we do have the people who don’t like it and we want to see why and how can we convince them into enjoying this fun event.

I went around the halls to ask students why they either like the pep rally, or why they don’t. I asked this student if they enjoyed the pep rally, and their response was ‘not really.’


 I then asked, how come? And they responded with, ‘It’s because I wanna get lit as a class, and our class doesn’t really get loud and have fun during the pep rally, making it kinda boring.” 


I also asked ‘Do you think it just focuses on the football team?’ and they said ‘Not really because we also have other sports getting recognition too, but most of the time it’s about football.’


Upon asking other students I received similar answers like, ‘Because people are boring and just don’t have fun, I feel like its a waste of time.”


Others offered suggestions to improve the pep rally: ‘We should have one better chants, we should have more games, we should motivate more people to enjoy and have fun at the pep rally than just sitting there.’


 Personally I loved that answer and I feel like we should do some more games for the pep rally to get everyone involved and have fun because that’s what matters most. 


I love the pep rally, and I really enjoy it. However, I can’t say the same for everybody in this school. I really enjoyed  this year’s pep rally and next year’s. The purpose of the pep rally is to bring the school together and to have fun. It’s just typical highschool tradition. We can always adjust and change some things, but we can’t get rid of it.