Revere Powderpuff Maintains Winning Streak Against Rivals Winthrop After 22-14 Victory!

Chris Fortin, Staff Writer

Think about some of the greatest sports rivalries of all time: Red Sox vs. Yankees, Celtics vs. Lakers, Michigan vs Ohio State. As a Revere citizen, one of the greatest rivalries has been Revere vs. Winthrop. Every year, senior girls from both cities compete in a flag football matchup for a highly coveted trophy. For the 4th time in 5 years (due to a tie in 2016), the RHS Patriots defeated Winthrop in the annual Powderpuff game 22-14 Saturday, November 23rd, 2019. this past Saturday.


The Patriots were led by captains Katie O’Donnell, Crystal Valente, Eve Lescovitz, Giulia Cincinnato, Sonia Salazar, and Nesrine Abdelouhab. They were all very honored to lead this team. “The fact that the coaches chose me as one of the representatives of our team made me feel like I’ve been doing something right,” said Captain Nesrine Abdelouhab. 


Coach Papagiorgakis spoke very highly of the captains: “They showed immense leadership at practice and were role models for the entire team.


For many of these girls, they’ve been waiting years to play in this game. “I wanted to play powderpuff because a lot of my friends that were seniors the past few years played and said it was really fun, so I definitely knew I wanted to play since freshman year,” Captain Lescovitz stated. 


The girls worked long and hard to prepare for this game. They practiced Monday through Thursday from 6-8 for 5 weeks (including a couple practices on the weekend) to make sure they were ready to beat Winthrop. They watched film of previous Powderpuff games to know what to expect, and often showed up to practice early to review plays.


This was going to be a very big game for the team. They would be playing their long-time rivals in front of a MASSIVE crowd. “Going into the game I was very nervous. This was it for us, this was our Super Bowl. We have been undefeated for so long that there’s this pressure for us to win.” said Captain Nesrine. 


Ever since the revival of the Powderpuff game in 2012, Revere has held an 7-0-1 record against Winthrop.


The game was a resounding success for Revere. They had a packed home crowd and after a hard fought game, the Patriots were able to defeat Winthrop by a score of 22-14. 


“The girls played hard, and overcame adversity in long drives,” Coach Papagiorgakis said.


The captains spoke very highly of their teammates, and felt that everyone coming together and playing their parts was what ultimately led to Revere’s victory.


Captain Lescovitz said “The backs did really well memorizing plays and running the right routes but they would not have gotten through if it weren’t for the rest of the line blocking for them. And if it weren’t for the defense fighting back after a Winthrop touchdown and keeping their heads up we would not have won the game.”


They also urged all underclass girls to play Powderpuff their senior year. Saying that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to form close bonds with teammates, represent Revere, and create lifelong memories. 


“All the hard work and effort put in during practice pays off in the end when you get to hold that trophy!” said Captain Cincinnato.