RHS Cinema Success!


Chris Fortin, Staff Writer

On the nights of October 9th and 10th, friends and families from around Revere gathered to watch the RHS Filmic Society’s 4th feature film, I’m Q. I’m Q is a film about Quincy Adams, who tries to make the best of his  bad situation after being forced back into the education system. Quincy’s decisions soon backfire, and he’s found on the opposite end of the table fighting not to leave, but this time, to stay.

Omar Bendjahene, who graduated in the spring of 2018,, starred as the film’s lead. “Q is a very confused character, he’s smart but doesn’t believe it,” Omar said about Q. “He’s a nice kid, but makes bad decisions.”

For Omar, starring in the film was “An actual honor, one of the best feelings.”

Before playing Q, Omar hadn’t had any previous acting experience. Luckily, when the Filmic Society had been looking for someone to play the lead character, Omar happened to be noticed: “I would act in class as a joke, and Mrs. Walford, his English teacher, caught on,” he noted.

The RHS Filmic Society has put in extensive work to make this film possible. The whole process for I’m Q started about 2 years ago. A year was spent writing the script, and then a year was spent filming. “The filming went into the summer, and into part of this year,” according to Mr. Paul Amato, one of the leaders of the Filmic Society. 

It takes a lot of commitment to work on a film like this. “For the main characters, we need pretty much your life for a good year,” Mr. Amato said. “I couldn’t even calculate the hours that all of us have spent.” According to Omar, one of the hardest parts was “waking up early on Saturdays and Sundays to film.”

The Filmic Society continues to produce fantastic feature films.“Our movie making skills are getting better and better, … we’re learning how to make it make more movie-like,” Mr. Amato stated.

Now that I’m Q has released, the Filmic Society is starting to brainstorm ideas for their next film. “I want us to do something different,” Mr. Amato said, I’m a horror movie freak, and I’m trying my best to get us to do a horror movie,” he added. “Our goal is to make a movie that anybody out of the school can see it and like it… and someday, my hope is that we’ll make something good enough to put in a film festival.”

The RHS Filmic society put in a lot of work in order to make this film possible, and we can’t wait to see what they manage to create next!