College: To go, or not to go?


Lesley Barrientos, Staff Writer

So, does no one else know what to do after highschool or is it just me? Being a junior in highschool and still not knowing what to do after highschool might be very disappointing, but it’s my reality… and i’m sure it’s many of yours too. College: sure it freaks you out as much as it freaks me out. So many careers and paths to choose from but none seem to fully intrigue you. Yeah, same.

Have you ever noticed how we’ve been constantly reminded to “dream” about our future career since we were literally in kindergarten if not even earlier? Students aren’t even being provided fully with the types of  support need to achieve these so called “dreams”. 

 As a young child,  I was constantly being reminded that I had to know what I wanted to be when I grew up. At this time,  I was probably still learning how to count to 10, when I was expected to know what Ii wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Are we really being taught how to approach and achieve these dreams? Or are we just expected to dream but be brought to complete failure in the end? I interviewed my journalism teacher Ms. L, and asked if her students’ success was truly important to her, and she responded with “Yes, I absolutely believe that all teachers genuinely care about their students’ success.” Which made me think… are teachers really interested in student success or are they just expected to care about student success because they are the ones leading students academically?  

How many adults actually change their professions because they come to find out that the career they’ve always dreamt about isn’t the career that satisfies them. Being indecisive about a career doesn’t make me so bad now, huh? Adults who believed to have had everything figured out have come to find out that what their studying isn’t the profession for them at all. IT’S NORMAL! I also asked Ms.L If she knew anyone who had changed their profession personally and she responded “Yeah,  a few of my roomates back at school actually have changed their career all the way up until their senior year of college. To me, it’s very normal”. Not knowing what you want to be at the age of 15 is completely okay because might not even follow through with that career anyway. Most of these students were indecisive because while back in high school, perhaps they were not given the resources they would have needed to look more into their dream career.

Dreaming is totally okay, but I wish we were all more supported with making them come true. It’s all easier said than done, but get out there,  go find some people who want to see you succeed. Whether its with adults or people your age, work together to achieve your dreams.