Ask Iris Answers-Graduation, Class of 2019!


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Dear Iris,

I am a Senior and I don’t know why but I suddenly feel sad about graduating. It’s so weird because I have been counting down the days to this moment and now that it is almost here, I don’t feel happy like I thought I would. Instead, I feel kind of bummed. 

I don’t know why exactly but it all just feels bittersweet. I wish that I could be in more of a mood to celebrate but I’m just not feeling it. I am even scared that I might cry at graduation which I do not want to do because that’d be embarrassing. 

Am I freak to feel this way?


Secretly Sad Senior

Dear Secretly Sad Senior,

You are not a freak!  I am a senior too and honestly, I am also secretly sad (despite talking a big game about how I cannot wait to be out of high school). 

I think we feel this way because it is an ending and endings, whether happy or sad, are always bittersweet. 

Graduation is the end to a lot of fun things. Although we can still meet up with our friends and visit our teachers, it’s not the same thing as seeing them every day. Graduation is also the end to all of the exciting events we had this year like Pep Rally, Prom, and Senior Skip Day. Those are all going to be over soon and we will be off to the next chapter of our lives.

You may also be feeling that with the end of these things, the reality of next year, starting over in a new place or school, is getting closer and closer. The fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. 

To be honest, there’s no easy fix to these feelings but one way to get over bad feelings is to FEEL THEM. Talking helps too. Talk with friends or write down how you feel.

You can’t pretend that you aren’t sad or skip over not feeling sad so...allow yourself to feel sadness  and over time, you’ll feel better. 

Plus, you should always helps to keep in mind that how you feel is perfectly normal. Everyone is sad when a phase of their life is ending...even when you are onto exciting things. In other words, you are not alone. 

But you should also think about all of the good things. We accomplished getting a high school diploma, you have plans for next year and even if you don’t have plans, there is still time to figure it out. We are young and have so many opportunities ahead of us! We also have so many more exciting life events. So make the most of these last days of high school and ALWAYS keep in mind, that we were truly lucky because we got to be part of the best class ever at RHS, the class of 2019!!!!

So….it’s natural to cry because it’s over but also smile because it happened (my own version of a famous quote). 

I wish you the best of luck!

Stay Genuine,

- Iris