Ask Iris Answers-How to Get Through High School!

Dear Iris,

I am a freshman and at this point in the year, I am feeling discouraged. 

Even though it’s almost summer, I can’t help but feel jealous of the seniors.  

As I see the seniors leave, I feel overwhelmed. I still have three years left and it feels like I am NEVER going to get there!  

What do you think? Is it weird to feel this way? Is it wrong to wish I was graduating? Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated?

Much love,

Discouraged Freshman 

HI Discouraged Freshman,

The quick answer- NO, you are not wrong or weird to feel jealous of the seniors. 

Everyone gets anxious for the next part of their lives to start, (in your case the next part is being a college student.) 

But...keep in mind that there will always be a next phase. For seniors right now, the next phase is to finish college.  The next phase after finishing college is to get a career. The next phase after getting a career is to start a family. 

If you are always wishing for the next phase, you might just wish your life away! 

In other words, enjoy this phase of high school as much as possible and remember these famous words…

Depression is living in the past. Anxiety is living in the future. Peace is living in the present.

Live in the present and focus on all of the awesome things that will be offered to you over the next three years. Then, take advantage of them!

I guarantee you that when you are a senior, you will look back on high school and feel sad that is over so...enjoy this phase of your life while you are livingit!

Stay Present,