Ask Iris Answers-SENIORITIS!

Ask Iris Answers-SENIORITIS!

Dear Iris,

Let me get right to it- I am suffering from a bad case of SENIORITIS! 

It’s almost May and we’re almost done with school. 

Now that I have that fact in my head, I have NO motivation! 

What can I do?!?

Much Love,


Dear Over-It,

I FEEL YOU 100%! You don’t know my real identity but I am also a Senior.

Try these tips to overcome being “over it”:

  1. Take your condition seriously! A lot of kids think Senioritis is funny but it can have a big impact on your future. Remember, you don’t graduate unless you have all of your credits and requirements. Also, many schools and scholarship programs look at your final semester grades. 

  1. Make a list! Pull yourself out of Senioritis by starting with the first step of listing what you need to get done. Missing assignments? Grades that need to be improved? Community service hours? Portfolios? Make a list and start working at completing one thing at a time. Whether we like it or not, those to-dos are not going to go away!  

  1. Focus on finishing strong! The fact is we have to be here so make the most of it. The last month of high school should be a time for celebration. If you don’t push yourself to complete the things that are needed for graduation, you are setting yourself up to be stressed instead of happy. 
See you at graduation and stay motivated!

- Iris