Do you have a minute?…Rejection explanation.

Do you have a minute?...Rejection explanation.

Julia Tran , Staff Writer

Hi, how’ve you been? Very busy? Oh, I see. You look good.


Hey, I know this may seem awkward or weird or maybe just plain unexpected. But I need to ask you for a favor. I need to know why it didn’t work out.


I’m not here to get you back (unless you want me back). I’m not trying to catch you in a lie or contradiction. I just need closure. I want to know why I was rejected. This is for me. I just want to move on from this. Tell me my mistakes and flaws so I can be better. Help me out. Remember all the good times we had? Our relationship hasn’t been easy but there were some moments there that really made me believe in us. I loved you. Please do this. For me.


Please be honest, and thank you for your cooperation.


Did you ever feel a spark? Was there ever a chance?

  • Yes, my heart was torn, and my feelings pulled me in different directions. I kept debating with myself. Letting you go was one of the toughest decisions I had to make…that afternoon.
  • Hahaha, no. You certainly gave us a laugh, thinking you had a shot. We swiped left faster than that Bumble user at your profile.
  • Who are you again?


Why did you reject me?

  • You is dumb. (GPA and/or SATs)
  • $$$. Our coaches and admissions officers reported no signs of bribery. Without a trust fund, that degree won’t help you in life anyways. We saved you.
  • You have no life. (Extracurriculars)
  • Your writing lacked focus and failed to show us who you really are outside of academics and school. It’s important to emphasize aspects of your personality that weren’t shown in other parts of your application in your essay and supplements. But instead you kept going on and on about how that service trip to a rural village in South America made you a more thankful and humble person, or about how you saved the whales, or about how you won Top Chef Junior when you were younger and are now a restauranteur.  Boring! (Essays)
  • Nobody likes you. (Recommendations)
  • Ya basic.
  • We felt like it. I think we were all really hungry that day. You get how when you’re hungry, you just fall into a bad mood and don’t want to do anything, right? You get it.
  • We flipped a coin. Chance was not on your side. Sorry, we don’t control chance.
  • The chemistry just wasn’t there. You weren’t “the right fit.”
  • Who are you again?
  • We made a mistake —
  • Other


If you chose “Other,” please use this space to explain further.