Ask Iris Answers-MCAS Days Late Entries

Ask Iris Answers-MCAS Days Late Entries

Dear Iris,

I have been very concerned lately because I’ve been hearing rumors that on the MCAS days, upperclassmen have to come in for a full day. This has been upsetting me because I always look forward to the late entries. They are the best! Can you please figure out what is going on to put me at ease? 

Much love Iris!

Concerned Junior

Dear Concerned Junior,

I was just as concerned and confused too when I heard that upperclassmen were not able to come in late! So I made sure to find out more information and figure this all out! 

I spoke to a few of the administration members and teachers and it all came down to…

The amount of state-mandated instructional hours we need to fulfill by the end of the school year! 

We are required to come in to school on MCAS days so we don’t have to come in for extra days in June! That way we can finish school in time and have more summer vacation days! 

So don’t be concerned! Just think about it this way…  

This is all in favor and working out for us, the students! 

We’ll have more time to chill and be at ease on those extra summer vacation days that we will gain by coming in on regular time on those MCAS days!

Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected!