Ask Iris Answers-How to Balance Academics and Sports


Dear Iris,

I am a freshman and this year I started to play a sport. It was a little tough for me to balance both my academics and the sport. I would always find myself being stressed and submitting assignments late. I’m trying to be a better student overall! So, what advice would you give to me for next year?

Thank you!

A determined freshman 

Dear Determined Freshman,

I know this could be tough for a lot of students, especially for freshmans because they are adjusting from being in middle school to high school. For some students, it’s the first year they have ever played a sport. So it is understandable that you are having trouble balancing school and sports. There are many ways that you could balance both school and sports. But, I would say my main key points that I would recommend are:

  • Manage your time! 
    • Have a schedule and plan when you are going to complete assignments (after practice etc.)
  • If you can, you can always plan your week!
    • Write down what days you have practice, assignments that are due, any other activities you might have. So, you can figure out when you are able to complete your school work.
  • Minimize distractions!
    • Often, many of us get distracted with our phones and computers. So, be sure to put them away and get your work done! Trust me, this will help a lot and you will get a lot of work done quickly!
All of these suggestions do not just happen overnight, they take time to install within your schedule and actually get yourself planning and managing your time. It’s hard, but once you start, you will get in the habit of doing your routine and you’ll realize that it will be easier for you overall! I wish you the best of luck!

Stay determined!