Ask Iris Answers-New Portfolio System


Dear Iris, 

So, as a senior I am going through my check list of requirements that are needed to graduate and realized that I sill need to figure out all of the portfolio stuff! I literally have no idea what the new portfolio system is all about and was wondering if you could help me out! That way I'll be sure to graduate!

Thank you,

A concerned senior

Dear concerned senior,

Don't you worry! As of now, teachers in our school are still working on the site itself. The site is almost ready and they just need to work on a few more touches! In the meantime you can visit the site @ and take a quick look at it!

I know some seniors are concerned if all the work that was done in the old site for the past three years have been saved, and it has! No work has been lost!

So, don't stress, the site is being designed to make it easier to manage and quickly upload your work! Once, there are more updates on the site, I'll be sure to let you know! It will all fall into place at the end & you'll be able to walk that stage in June!