Pep Rally: A Forced Tradition

Pep Rally: A Forced Tradition

Anonymous, Guest Contributor

The Revere High School Pep Rally is held every year to get people excited about the annual Thanksgiving Day game. It can be exciting for some people, but for others, it can be dreadful. Personally, I am not a fan of the Pep Rally. I dread it. This may just be because I am not a big fan of sports, but the Pep Rally just seems like a waste of time. Students are forced to attend the rally even if they don’t support school sports. For those who don’t care about the Pep Rally (like me), the hour long Pep Rally seems to last a whole school day. Students are encouraged to scream to show that their class has the most “school spirit,” but most use the Pep Rally to their advantage to go crazy and throw whatever they want at others in the bleachers. It is way too crowded on the bleachers and it is very uncomfortable. I really don’t like being surrounded by a lot of people, especially people that I don’t know. The Pep Rally is supposed to promote school spirit but it does the exact opposite for me. The Pep Rally is one of the reasons why I don’t have much school spirit. I like Revere High School and all, but the Pep Rally is just foolish. I would much rather go to my classes than the Pep Rally.

The turkey toss is another reason why students, staff, or teachers may not support the Pep Rally. It just seems pointless. It certainly does not convince anyone to watch the game, so, what is the purpose of it? It’s not like someone is going to decide to go to the game because a turkey was tossed. I understand that it is the day before Thanksgiving, but the Pep Rally serves the purpose of promoting school spirit. How does tossing a turkey around promote school spirit? The answer is, it doesn’t. Watching a turkey get tossed around by some cheerleaders is not exactly my idea of entertainment, and it is just cruel. It is also completely inconsiderate to any vegans or vegetarians.

The Pep Rally is designed to entertain only students who play or watch school sports. There are many people that are forced to attend the Pep Rally and endure the screaming and throwing of objects even if they don’t care about sports. It just isn’t fair. I’m not saying that the Pep Rally should just cease to exist, because there may be people that actually enjoy the Pep Rally. Many school athletes (especially football players) enjoy the Pep Rally, as they should, because it urges people to watch their games and support them. I can appreciate the effort that goes into the Pep Rally. However, there should be an alternative choice for those who don’t want to go, such as watching a movie in the auditorium. It is the day before the long Thanksgiving weekend, it should be fun and exciting for everybody, not just school athletes.

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