Should You Take A Gap Year?

Should You Take A Gap Year?

Yasmin Gutierrez, Staff Writer


After high school, students are left confused and scared about their future. They go from teenagers to adults and are given little time to prepare for life, so people wonder if it’s better to take a year off before it starts. I am a junior and I have started to think about what would be the best plan for college and I want to make sure that whatever I decide, I am certain about it. There are a few things to consider before you decide whether or not you want to take a gap year before college.


Taking a gap year can be a great thing if you are uncertain of what you want to do in college since you can experience new things. It can also help people that can not afford college to be able to get a job, so that they don’t have to be as stressed about it once they actually go to college. It’s important that if you choose to take a gap year you spend it doing something meaningful, whether it’s going to a program, travelling, or trying out new things to learn more about what you like to do.


In my opinion, it depends on how you are feeling about college or if you have issues with money. College is very expensive so it’s important to take advantage of every year but that can be hard to do if you don’t know what you want to do. Students are better off taking a gap year rather than spending thousands of dollars confused. It can also give students time to relax and think after being in school for so many years, especially with high school, which is very tiring and stressful.


You can get more experience that you didn’t have before to build up your resume and stand out. I have very little experience with jobs so my resume at the moment is very short but if I took a gap year it would help to extend it and help colleges to see that I would spend the gap year being productive. It could also help students that might have slacked during high school or didn’t work to their full potential to show colleges that they are serious and they are able to work hard to reach a goal. Students are also able to be more productive in college since they took a break and after they are able to focus more and give it their best.


I spoke to Ms. Giesser, who teaches SAT English to Juniors and Seniors, and she told me that she believes that students taking a gap year can be a great idea. She said it allows students to prepare for college and to be able to know what they want to do.


There are things you have to research before taking a gap year. You should check whether the college you apply to, have grants or scholarships still available after a gap year, and just make sure how they feel about gap years. You also have to be aware that there are students that take a gap year believing that they will go to college right after but instead they don’t and they stay at a “gap year” for much longer. If you spend the whole year sitting at home doing nothing, you will not feel motivated to go back to school and you will be stuck in a rut. You want to make sure you are pushing yourself as much as you can.


Before you decide whether you should take a gap year, take everything in consideration and make sure you make the most out of it.