Chasing Your Dreams

Andrey Carvalhais, Staff Writer

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For all students, independent whether in college or high school, we all have a dream that we want to make true. For some, that dream was realized since we were children, while for others it was realized in high school or later on in life. That dream could be anything; to be an astronaut, an engineer, to be an actor, a rapper, a professional athlete or anything that would satisfy the hungry heart. My opinion is, that no matter what your dream is you should chase it down.

Chasing that dream, however, is a lot harder than most realize. There are sacrifices that need to be made. There are events you will miss, nights you will not sleep, pain you will suffer through, and isolation you will face. You will be left alone. You will be put in a corner by yourself and left to realize that the road to your dreams is a lonely one at times. When chasing your dreams, there are times that  you will get knocked down. You will be set back more than you will be uplifted,so then begs the question, is chasing your dreams worth it? It sounds like an easy answer. Yes it is and yes you should, at least I believe so. But to many who answer yes, only 10% of those people persevere. The reason most people do not achieve what they set out to reach, is simply because they quit. They stopped working towards their goal. For whatever reason, whatever excuse was instilled in their mind, it caused them to quit. The sad part is that people justify that it’s okay to quit. That for each number of time that you fail, is another reason for you to quit.

I can relate. I also fell victim to the excuses a long time ago. None of them today I see as a justifiable reason to quit. See each of those reasons to quit, should be looked at another reason why you shouldn’t. Each let down is another step towards that goal. Oprah was turned down over countless amount of times before she was set in front of television screen. When you feel like you can not go any further, where your body aches and your mind wants nothing but relief and sleep, you can not quit. However,  those moments of pain and heartache are where the character building moments lie. Character building moments make you want to cry and leave you with no sight of a better future. However, it’s those days that will define your ethics, define how strong your urge to win is, and define how mentally strong you are and how capable you are to say no, I will not stop. Leading up to the days of character building moments, was followed by a toy of emotions.

You were happy, you saw positive improvement. You saw how you would make it out. But you never saw what would happen if you failed. You never thought of what would happen if you didn’t win, because it is not relevant. It’s not relevant because it’s not important to what happens if you don’t because you know you will. That very thought of losing, in a sense, wasn’t present in your mind because you could only see how you can win. It’s that same kind of mindset you need to continue to push with.

Why I believe that we should chase our dream, is because it’s what you have always wanted. It will fulfill your life. If you want something than why not go after it. As you chase your goal, you learn about yourself and you grow as a person. As you run towards your vision, you get to look back and say that it was worth it. You get to dwell and shed tears of joy because all that hard work made you a better person. When Olympians cry holding that gold medal, they recall times where they wanted to quit, where they cried, where they suffered, where they felt alone because they were one of the only to believe in themselves. But each of them will tell you they are glad they did not quit. When people grow old, over 50% of them will tell you they regret not chasing their dreams.

You do not want to be one of those people. To turn your vision into reality, all you need is not stop. Study your area, learn the habits of those successful in what you want to do. Have definitive, positive mindset. See each setback as a challenge for you to grow. So yes, I think chasing your dreams is worth it. Its worth crying tears of joy at the end and through it all, because it will have made life so much better, so much more fun and so much more worth your time.