Thinking About Becoming A Youtuber?

Thinking About Becoming A Youtuber?

Beatriz Portillo Maldonado, Staff Writer


For those who aren’t aware as to what Youtube is, Youtube is basically a video sharing website in which anyone in the world can post on. There are people all the over the world who choose to post videos frequently and are referred to as “Youtubers”. These Youtubers have basically created a career from posting videos that catch a viewers attention. On Youtube you can find a variety amount of videos, the videos can either be helpful/informal or entertaining. There are many people from all over the world who are watching these Youtubers blow up and aspire to be like them but hold themselves back from becoming Youtubers because of what comes with becoming a creator. Do you want to know what it takes to become a Youtuber? Then keep on reading!

Becoming a YouTuber isn’t hard, anyone with a camera can do it. What’s hard about becoming a Youtuber is having the time, patience and dedication for it. Also overcoming the fear of posting yourself on the internet and building up your courage plays a substantial role in having a successful YouTube channel Laura Lee says. When you first create your channel one of Laura’s biggest tips is coming up with a unique name for it. She suggests you do so because later on when your channel gets put out there your name is what people will refer to you as and that’s basically your “brand” so make it a good one. She also points out that when you first begin your channel you will get a couple of hate comments but she suggests you don’t listen to them because that is something that comes along with having a YouTube channel. There will always be people trying to put you down even if there’s no reason to so you can’t let those little comments get to you, focus on the bigger picture.

Now once you have made your YouTube channel you have to start thinking about the type of content you’d like to put out on your channel. Every successful Youtuber usually has a passion for one specific thing whether it’s make up, story telling, ASMR, dancing and etc. They usually pick one thing to base their channel on and all of their videos are based off their passion. So if you’re having difficulty finding new video ideas think about something you really like to do and expand it into something bigger that way you have something to base your videos off of. Remember you shouldn’t look YouTube as a “job” look at it more as a passion says beauty garou Tati Westbrook.

Last but not least one last important part of becoming a Youtuber is having the right equipment to create high quality videos. When you first begin YouTube Laura Lee suggests you don’t splurge on an expensive camera just because you don’t really know if the YouTube life is fit for you. She suggests you use your camera phone with really good lighting whether it’s from the sun or a cheap ring light that you can buy on Amazon. But once you become comfortable with YouTube and you are sure that it is something you want to do then I suggest you get a nice quality camera just because that is one of the factors that will draw in more subscribers. If you have a camera with really good quality it shows you are more credible because it indicates you take YouTube seriously so people will want to watch you more. Although equipment can be quite pricey ($4,000) you can always look for r cheap lights and just invest in a nice camera.

There are many more tips and tricks into becoming a successful Youtuber or even starting your Youtube channel but these are a couple of general ones to get you started. As you continue on with creating videos and trying new things you will see how easy creating videos will be. You just can’t give up and don’t let the hate comments control your channel, the only person who can control your channel is YOU! So best of luck and remember Youtube shouldn’t be looked as a job it should be looked as a passion you’re chasing!