The Class of 2020 is on Fire!

The Class of 2020 is on Fire!

Tariq Browne Jr, Staff Writer

This week of December 10th has really illustrated the Class of 2020’s phenomenal determination. In the last two weeks before the upcoming school-break, the Junior Class plans to organize two last fundraisers for the end of the year. In short, this quick week is an excellent way for the juniors to accumulate more funds, altogether.


The Student Council is running a Candy Cane Fundraiser. Juniors from the team will be selling Candy Canes for students to buy for the holiday season. The Candy Canes are $1, making them easily affordable for anyone. All in all, it was a great way for the class to profit, while also making Revere High School a more festive environment.


The class is also running a Wendy’s fundraiser for the school. On Friday, December 14th (from 10am to 10pm), anyone buying from the Wendy’s on Squire Road will support both the class and the high school. 30 percent of all funds acquired from customers will go to Revere High School. Those that buy food within the timeline will not only enjoy a great meal but also be supportive. They have also created flyers to advertise the event, as a way to ensure that it becomes a success.


In conclusion, it’s clear to see that the Junior Class has endlessly been working hard. From the beginning of the school year to the few weeks before the year ends, the juniors have seriously been doing a terrific job of raising funds to create memorable events for the next two years. We can’t thank them enough for their perseverance and cooperation with everyone involved.