Is A College Education Necessary?

Is A College Education Necessary?

Omar Bendjahene, Staff Writer

How necessary is college education? Seems very necessary right ! In our society we are pressured to attend college. We are basically told without a college degree you will not be able to succeed. Tell that to Steve Jobs, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres etc… Students in my school feel the need to the top universities and attend them if accepted , even if it means thousands of dollars of debt. “ I don’t care about debt , as long as I have a good experience” Salma Boundary a senior at Revere High school said this when I told her if she thought 50K a semester was worth it.

I don’t believe you need a college education to be successful. There a plenty of opportunities to be successful without a degree. Stop allowing the people around you to condition you into thinking you need to spend  loads of money to succeed. My opinion is not a popular one but I truly believe a college education is not necessary. In the Is college education worth it? States that “As of May. 2018, about 44 million Americans owed over $1.5 trillion in student debt, and  45% of people with student loan debt said college was not worth it.”. Thats alot of money.

“ College can be useful but only if you make it useful. It teaches you skills and certifies you in things like surgery, but if you’re going to be into marketing or business I advise to go a different route.”  The good thing about college it helps learn skills and makes you credible, it is definitely a safe route. People who argue college is necessary say that college graduates make more money. Though that is true college graduates also spend a lot of money before they even have the chance to make it back. They spend years paying back their tuition and dorming fees, and as years pass as interest goes up. Ms. Sinnott my Math teacher took her 14 years to finally pay all her debt back.

My opinion remains the same I don’t believe college is necessary, but our whole life we’ve been told that it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and have their own views on a college education. I just feel that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to be successful.