Pros and Con; Teachers Using Technology

Ashley Barnes, Staff Writer

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Do you ever wonder if your teachers are using technology in the right way? A lot of students have said that there’s a lot of pros and cons when it comes to the way teachers use technology. In my opinion I believe that when it comes to videos, slideshows, and documentaries, technology is very useful.  But when it comes to notes and worksheets , I feel like doing it on paper will allow a student to be less distracted by technology. I also feel like when writing something done you are more likely to remember what you are learning then when you are just staring at a screen. An article named “Writing and Remembering: Why We Remember What We Write”, it states that people are more prone to remembering better when it comes to writing things down because you have to actually think about what you are writing before you actually write it.

I interviewed a student to hear some of her thoughts about teachers and technology and she says that she doesn’t like technology because she tends to get distracted by it easily. She enjoys writing things down on a worksheet more than typing it because it’s just easier for her to focus. I agree with her point of view when she says this. I interviewed one of my teachers and she feels as though technology is useful, she says, “it gives students who don’t talk as much a chance to put in their output.” I agree with this because not everyone really gets the chance to talk in class, or some people are shy and don’t like to speak up, so teachers do discussions posts and if a student has any questions they can just send a teacher an email. She also said there was good videos to watch that will help students understand a topic better, such as khan academy. I also agree with her point of view because when i watch a video in class I often think about it when it comes to using it in a subject, especially if the video is somewhat interesting.

Everyone has their own opinion on technology, some people work better with it and some work better with paper, and I feel like students should have more of an option about which one they would like to use. Students in Revere High School are required to have their own computer or a chromebook given to them by the school, a lot of students didn’t get one in the beginning of the year because they thought that they were not required. A lot of my friends didn’t get them because they enjoy writing things down because it can be kept more organized instead of trying to find things on your computer, or struggling to create a new folder each time they need to remember something important. I feel like if teachers  equaled out the amount of technology time and the amount of paper time there would be an improvement in students grades.