Do You Think We Need A Change?

Do You Think We Need A Change?

Ashley Barnes and Lesley Merino, Staff Writers

If you are an RHS student, you would know that our school’s appearance is not the most prestigious. If you’re not, well now you know! From the unlocked bathroom doors, no hot water, and offensive vandalism throughout the school, there are some issues to be addressed.

Revere High School has been up and running for 66 years, since May 29, 1952. So, throughout the years there have been many different students coming in and out the doors every single day, that have caused the school to be a little worn. We understand that the school is old and needs some adjustments and we don’t put the blame on anybody. But we wanted to know how other people felt about the school environment/appearance,  so we interviewed a few anonymous sources throughout the school.

It all comes down to the students and how they cooperate, one source said. So in order to have a positive vibe throughout RHS, “students need to enforce the rules, such as giving respect to the school itself and their peers.” We understand that in order to have a better environment we need to respect our surroundings but some of the issues is out of everyone’s hands such as the cracks in the floors and the leaks in the ceilings.

Another major issue is that many students say that only one bathroom is open at a time, which helps increase wear and tear. Although, from an anonymous source we hear otherwise. For the most part there are three bathrooms open at a time. Specifically, the first floor, third floor and east wing bathrooms. There is also a one gender bathroom located on the first floor, in the east wing, near the weight room.  But the three bathrooms being open, it all comes down to how many security guards/bathroom monitors we have a day. They are often needed for translating and front desk duty. So, the third floor bathroom might be closed at times. Which can be annoying to many of us as students, but it is understandable that the guards have many other responsibilities that they need to take care of throughout the school day. It is greatly  appreciated for all the hard work the faculty does for our school.

As mentioned before, the building has been around for 66 years so it is understandable on all of the issues we have developed over the years. But we always wonder if there will be a new building anytime soon? Well, we have heard from multiple sources that RHS is going to have a new building… yet we don’t know when exactly. All we have heard is that it will happen in the upcoming years! Not only do the students believe that we need a new school but the faculty thinks the same.

When the new building does come into place, students should take extra measures to keep the school in expected conditions. Such as respecting the environment and not vandalizing the school. It all comes down to the “student’s actions and behavior towards the school” explains an anonymous source.

Overall, we have a caring group of faculty members that are trying their best to maintain our school and create a positive environment as we await for the new school in the future. In the meantime, as students, we need to take responsibilities for our actions and take pride in our school!