Journey To The Tourney


“ We deserved this more than anything , we worked all summer for this opportunity “ …


This was Bryan Medina’s response when asked about how he felt about their qualification to the state tournament. The RHS soccer team did not qualify for the state tournament last year with a record of (5-9-3 ). This year was predicted to be different , The Class Of 2019 came out hard , and they did not want to repeat last year’s mistakes.

Not qualifying last year only made them want to work harder. They decided themselves that they will do everything different to get them in. They finished the season with record of 9-6-1. Regardless of their record not being amazing, they still have a lot of hope left for the tournament.

During the summer the RHS soccer held intense conditioning and soccer workouts that were ran by the seniors. A Lot of the players even participated in clubs and local city programs to improve on their skills. They dedicated everything for the upcoming season , which seems to be paying off. When we asked Harry Paiva how far he believes they will go he replied “winning it all or past the quarter finals”, which shows just how confident these guys are.

Their  most memorable game of the season was against Swampscott. Where they defeated them with a score of 2-0 ( Damir O. Theoneste M.) clenching them into the playoffs. Bryan Medina refers to this game as “ very emotional and intense, it took a lot of weight outta shoulders. We proved the doubters wrong”.

Recently Revere Soccer team held their Senior Night at Revere Harry Della Russo stadium. Where they were cheered by fans and handed posters. Throughout the game, there were 9 starting seniors and 2 junior players. Sadly, Revere lost the game 2-1 to Danvers. Joshua Almaida scored the only goal in the first half of the game.

Even though they lost the team is still hopeful about how they will perform in the tournament. The star striker, Damir Omerovic said, “ I believe that we can go far into this years state tournament”. The team is very capable of beating the best teams in the conference, as they have been in close games with them. The belief in the locker room is that the team can still win the state championship. We wish them best and we think they can too.