The Perks of Being an Intern

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The Perks of Being an Intern

Jaymi Ortiz, Staff Writer

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Every day, during school hours, there are students who walk out the front doors of the building, their heads held high, their lungs filling with crisp air, their bodies relaxing as they walk into the natural sunlight. These students have taken on internships which allow them to leave the setting of an RHS classroom and learn in a professional business environment. 

Up until a few years ago, internships were nonexistent. In the fall of 2015, Ms. Finn started the school’s internship program which was taken over by Ms. Currie in the fall of 2016.  

Not only do internships give students a bit of freedom but they also give students a better idea of life after high school. “Having the opportunity to go to different companies and businesses allows kids to see what’s out there in terms of professional opportunities.” explains, Ms. Currie, External Learning Opportunities Coordinator.

Internships leave a mark on students; these opportunities make students aware of the expectations that lie ahead. As Ms. Currie notes, internships are a way for students to see that “there is life outside of high school and that in order to get into some of the careers students are thinking about they need to understand the pathway to get there.”

Currie also stresses that internships are an eye-catching addition to college applications. “Colleges want to see that students have done something that is a bit out of the box. They want to see that students have taken steps further [than the normal requirements].”

While there is always the possibility that a student may not like his or her internship, this does not mean the value of one is lost.  “Students can benefit in a lot of ways from difficult situations or from not liking their [internship]… I think student need to learn how to problem solve, know how to approach their employers with their concerns about the work they’re doing.”

Students interested in internships should speak with their guidance counselor or see Ms. Currie in her office found within the Writing Center.