2017 Powderpuff


Balsam El Alam , Editor In Chief

Powderpuff, the sport for senior girls at Revere High School, has been an annual tradition for almost 35 years. Every year, the girls at Revere High School join together with a common goal to “whip Winthrop!” The competitiveness between teams was so strong that there were a few years where no games took place as there was believed to be a potential for fights.

The coaches create a very competitive environment which pushes the girls to put forth their best efforts. Coach Lospennato and Coach Colella have been coaching since the start. They have always made sure that the girls were on top of their game and always made sure that the girls understood what they were doing. They also made sure that the girls knew the value of their position, each spot on the team equally important.

Since the season started back in October, bonds have been created among the girls on the team. The players have also created a bond with their coaches: Coach Barber, Coach Cronin, Coach Coots, and Coach Papagiorgakis. These coaches have worked extremely hard to help the girls on the team get to where they are. Without all the support the coaches give the girls, there would be no way that they would be where they are right now. Even though sometimes the coaches can be tough on the girls, it’s never something personal. The coaches like to focus on guiding the girls to better themselves in order to reach the goal.

Last year’s tie against Winthrop, 20-20, is what is motivating the girls this year. During practices, the girls are working hard and putting their all to make sure that they’re the ones taking the trophy this year. The RHS seniors want the trophy back in the school. The girls are willing to do whatever it takes to make their goal an achievement. The majority of girls on the team have various sports experience such field hockey, soccer, volleyball, and other kinds of sports. This is a benefit because the Powderpuff girls have an idea of what being competitive entails and that’s something that is needed in order to gain a win. Unity is a very important factor in playing Powderpuff because without unity there would be no communication or connection amongst the team members. Before Powderpuff started the girls on the team were not as close to each other but after having intense practices where they were forced to endure full body contact with each other. This broke barriers within the team and forced the girls to finally get comfortable with one another.

Every single girl on the team is making sure that they’re putting in their full potential in the position they were given to be as active as possible in the process of bringing the trophy back home!