The Truth of Immigration’s Impact on the U.S.

Ariana Smith, Guest Contributor

In history, immigration has played an important role in today’s American society. Immigration has impacted the view of America and what it stands for. It has helped to develop the American society in many ways. For instance, less racism due to immigrants bringing diversity to America. Immigration has also boosted earnings for American workers; they make new investments/businesses and thus give Americans and immigrants jobs and more economic opportunities. Lastly, when immigrants migrated to America, they brought new cultures and their religious beliefs. Immigration has greatly affected American society with less racism, boosted earnings for workers and diverse culture and religion.

As immigration increased, there has been a decrease with racism than in past history. In 1866 there was a group that was violently racist called the Ku Klux Klan or better known as the KKK. This group of people dressed in white robes with hoods and would target African Americans and beat them. In the most extreme acts of cruelty they would burn their houses down and lynch them. In today’s American society, people of all colors and races are equal; this includes freedom of speech and voting. Though racism still exists today, it is not as violent as past history. America has an organized government system and police system.  When there is peaceful protests or rallies, there are police units to minimize violence and ensure the safety of civilians. On August 19, 2017 in Boston there were two protest groups called Antifa (short for Anti-fascist) and the White Nationalists. Throughout the states, these two specific groups have displayed violent protests that have led to death, except for Boston. The police kept the rally in control and made sure nobody from either protestant group were injured. Boston is a great example of equality and diversity; anybody no matter race, color, ect. can have freedom of speech with the absence of violence. Due to immigration there is more diversity and less evidence of racism. This has a great impact on American society because in history immigrants, or people with different colored skin, were treated cruelly. As for present day society there is much diversity; people are not looked down upon because of their skin, we are all treated equally. Since there is less racism, this gives people of different races more economic opportunities and business development; with more businesses there is boosted earnings for American workers.

Immigration has boosted earnings for American workers. As people came to America, they sought economic opportunities that would help make money or expand their business. In 1863 when President Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing African Americans of slavery, it gave Freedmen opportunities and a road to a new life. The year 1865 is when the era of Reconstruction began. Most freedmen needed jobs or work to make money, so they worked in a system called “the contract system”. African Americans would work for people or the people who enslaved them and make money, splitting it between the landowner and the person who did the labor. Though the contract had rules, workers could not leave the plantation without permission, this was another way of slavery. The laws would also punish the workers if they broke the contract. In today’s society, people of different colors not only make money but they have their own businesses.  In a recent article that I read called “Don’t Shut The Golden Door” talks about the beneficial impact immigration brought to American society and stated: “Immigrants expand the economy’s productive capacity by stimulating investment and promoting specialization, which produces efficiency gains and boosts income per worker.” Other facts like “30% of immigrants are more likely to start a business in the U.S. than a natural born citizen”. More immigrants coming to America means there is an increase in money and business, since there is more businesses there is more economic opportunity for American workers, thus they have jobs to make money. Immigration not only boost earning for American workers, but they brought a lot of culture.

Since people have immigrated, there has been a burst of culture. There is a lot of diversity and with diversity there is culture. In America, people are free to practice their cultures and religion. It wasn’t always that way. In past history, most immigrants were not allowed to celebrate holidays or traditions they had, let alone practice their own religion. An example such as slaves; they were not allowed to practice their religion or go to church, as an alternative  they sang songs, this is how the blues were created. But as time passed and the slaves were freed, immigrants and people of different races were able to celebrate whatever culture/religion they practiced. As for today, culture is what shapes America. Immigrants brought to the U.S traditions they had learned from their homeland; foods, clothing, music, holidays, ect. People who live in america learn from immigrants a different view on life, they see how other people are less fortunate than us. Seeing how others live their way of life teaches us a lot on what we don’t know. Culture from immigrants have impacted the American society.

 The American society has been shaped on these three topics. Immigration has helped lessen racism, boost earnings for American workers and increase culture. Immigration has made positive effects on American society. There is so much diversity and culture that immigration has brought. People learn from others and their different ways of life. It’s important to focus on the positive effects immigration has brought and not focus on the negative.