Student Spotlight: Mayanka Meristal

“I want to get our class involved as much as possible.”

Student Spotlight: Mayanka Meristal

Monique Brito, Staff Writer

This week’s student spotlight goes to Mayanka Meristal, the Vice President of the junior class. Mayanka ran for VP last year but lost in the final vote. This year, she pulled together the votes she needed. In an interview with staff writer, Monique Brito,  Meristal spilled on her goals as VP and more. 

Brito: What made you want to run for Vice President?

Meristal: I wanted to represent the class of 2019 the best way that I can. I wanted to have the title of accomplishing something possible for the class.

Brito:  Were you scared of a repeat of last year?

Meristal: I actually wasn’t. Regardless if I won or not, I would have still continued supporting my class. I’m not necessarily scared of defeat, rather it fuels me into trying and becoming better.

Brito: What are your future plans as VP this year?

Meristal: I want to get our class involved as much as possible. I want to raise money so when we’re faced with certain obstacles prohibiting us from doing anything positive for our class, we can easily overcome that.

Brito: What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve encountered as VP so far?

Meristal: Encouraging our class to work together. Our class is very divided so we’ve come across problems where everyone is not agreeing with each other or refusing to participate in positive changes for our class. Yet they continue to complain about the smallest things. It’s frustrating.