Forgotten in the First Year: Freshman Football Deserves Respect


Joe Dimino, Staff Writer

It all starts the summer going into freshman year: double sessions filled with running and other drills for most of the day. This goes on for most of the summer as the team spends countless hours preparing for the upcoming season.  

The summer ends but the practices do not. Football teams, of all levels, have the same long, hard practices. Most of the time, this hard work is rewarded with a glowing scoreboard and the cheering of fans. Yet, more often than not, the Freshman team does not hear the encouragement of fans on the sidelines. Instead, the bleachers at their games are mostly empty. They also look up at a dim scoreboard as scoreboards are only turned on for varsity games.

There is no doubt that varsity games are the bigger deal because the players on the team are the best of the best in the school. Yet, this does not mean the freshman games should go without the simple elements like a scoreboard.

Freshman players are not treated with the respect that they deserve. The only thing these athletes can do is aspire towards the high hopes of making Varsity. Being on the freshman team is a big commitment, and often the risks of injury outweigh the benefits. The only supporters of the freshman team are the players’ fellow freshman classmates and their parents. Freshmen who join the team risk so much for so little, and get no respect at all. As a school, we need to change this. If you are willing to step up, home games are Thursdays at Hill Park. Admission is free.