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Protest, Priorities and President Trump

Monique Brito, Staff Writer

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All across America, NFL players are taking a knee during the national anthem before their games. Others have begun to lock arms. NFL players are utilizing the national anthem as a time to publicly protest against police brutality and racism in the US.

 These protests began in  2016 with San Francisco 49ers Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Since then, acts of protests during the national anthem have increased.

President Donald Trump has spoken out against these protests and has voiced disapproval over these acts, accusing NFL players of being disrespectful towards the flag. He argues that such actions should result in players being fired or suspended.

Trump has spoken (and tweeted) multiple times on this issue and continues to ignore other, bigger problems in the world.

The whole island of Puerto Rico is reeling from the damage caused by hurricane Maria, managing the aftermath without any power. Yet Trump has not given this catastrophe the attention it deserves.

Puerto Rico’s governor has even spoken about the lack of help from the US, they have basically cried out for aid and have not properly gotten it.

Although Trump has visited these areas, it is not enough and he should be doing more. As president he needs to understand that helping and supporting other countries also benefits the United States.

Isn’t the island a US territory and consequently an American priority? People are in need of help and now have nothing. Also in Mexico, a massive earthquake has devastated our neighbor Mexico. Still, Trump is distracted, not reciprocating the help provided by Mexico to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  

Recently, President Trump has indicated that he does not bother or care for situations unless he has interest in them.

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Protest, Priorities and President Trump